Shared Office Space in Bangalore
Private Office Space in Bangalore
Let’s Simplify Office Spaces
Find, design, build, manage… whatever your office-related requirements, we are here to assist!
From pre-vetted properties, design and build to exclusive facility management, our services lift the burden off your shoulders.
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Where workspace is not a service, but an experience.
The ClayWorks Advantage
In the sea of commercial office spaces, our pre-vetted properties are on a league of their own. Each property has been rigorously evaluated with 20+ parameters. We do all the grunt work, so that your selection process is effortless.
Crafting offices that faithfully capture the company’s unique culture is our forte. Plus, our proficiency in hybrid and sustainable office designs ensures the new workspace resonates with the aspirations of a modern team.
From managing legal work to day-to-day services, we take on all the boring but important responsibility so that your team can focus on innovating and growing. Our services can be fine tuned for your specific needs, be it lawn care, Wi-Fi and electricity set-up and/or kitchen services.
Why You Need WaaE™
WaaE™ stands for our trademark Workspace as an Experience™ (WaaE™) feature.
It’s a thoughtfully curated design and management model that benefits your team in four key aspects.
Improves productivity
Aids talent retention
Drives innovation
Nurtures wellbeing
There is a HyFlex™ (Hybrid Flexible) Experience for Everyone
Shared Office Space in Bangalore
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Shared Office Space in Bangalore


Private Office Space in Bangalore